International Outsourcing ApS

  1. The customer has a part to be manufactured at the best possible price and the specified quality.

  2. The customer sends a drawing and the necessary information to produce the actual item

  3. We will check the specification of demands and evaluate if it is sufficient information to get a qualified offer. Often we need to get further information.

  4. All drawing will be made anonymous and sent to 2-3 manufacturers in our big network of approved factories.

  5. In 2 to 14 days we will send an offer.

  6. The final offer is normally incl. transport and customs to customers address. All parts have passed  a quality control by our own people and if needed or requested by the customer, we make an independent 3 party quality inspection with full set of reports.

  7. All parts delivered with a full set of certificates and reports if requested. We can make all kind of material tests, chemical tests, tensile test, impact test, ultra sound test and x-ray inspection.